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At Adoption & Attachment Therapy Partners we provide therapies that forge strong connections between adoptive parents and their adopted sons and daughters. By re-working the early traumatic life experiences, we help children learn to accept and trust their adoptive parents. We accomplish this through a variety of services that are adoption, attachment and trauma competent.

Ohio families — international and domestic —are eligible for PASSS funds to cover the cost of services at our office. If you are not familiar with this wonderful benefit to Ohio families, please contact our office for informationat 330-813-2525.  

Application Packet: Our attachment services are initiated with the completion of an application packet. We believe that a thorough evaluation requires information. Thus, the packet is our way of ensuring that your services at Adoption & Attachment Therapy Partners are initiated with an in-depth understanding of your distinct situation.

Once your complete packet is received, you are contacted by a clinician —within 24-hours —to review your packet and schedule your assessment.

You can download the Full Application Packet here.  We appreciate the submission of packets via regular mail.
Family and Child Assessment: The assessment determines the recommended course of treatment.

Cost: $475.00 (In the case of multiple children, the first child is $475.00. Each additional child is $305.00.)

Attachment-Focused Therapy: Treatment for attachment issues can range from our bi-weekly model (90-minute appointments every two weeks) to a one-week or two-week intensive (followed by our bi-weekly model). The intensive out-patient program is conducted 5 to 10 consecutive business days. It is 3 hours per day.

A weekend intensive out-patient model is designed for those families traveling from states outside of Ohio. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday option makes receiving services at our office feasible to families all over the country. This is a modified version of our intensive out-patient service as it utilizes one therapist. Please contact Arleta M. James, LPCC at 330-813-2525 for more information about the content and cost of this treatment option.

When you enter treatment, we will provide a copy of, Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow by Gregory C. Keck and Regina M. Kupecky. You will be better prepared for the treatment process with this information. If your family is comprised of a combination of typical and traumatized children, you will also receive Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption by Arleta M. James, LPCC.

Cost Bi-Weekly Model: $260.00 per appointment

Cost Intensive Out-Patient Services: $600.00 per day, two therapists

Neurofeedback: Early childhood trauma impairs the development of the brain. The traumatized adoptee presents with emotional dysregulation, academic difficulties, lack of executive functions (i.e., planning, organizing, initiating and stopping actions, anticipating outcomes of actions, forming concepts, planning future behavior, being goal-directed, managing time and space, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, ability to cope with changes in routine, ability to cope with unstructured time, ability to follow-through and complete tasks, etc.) Neurofeedback is a computerized therapeutic intervention designed to help "train" the brain to function in a calmer manner with increased attention, focus and reasoning skills. Please visit for more information about this neurotherapy.

Neurofeedback may be provided at our office. Or, neurofeedback is a therapy that parents can learn to administer at home. Thus, Ohio residents or families outside of Ohio can benefit from this service.

Cost In-Office Neurofeedback: $125.00 per 45-minute appointment

Cost In-Home Neurofeedback: Please contact Arleta M. James, LPCC at 330-813-2525. 

QEEG: Neurofeedback services are initiated with a QEEG. The QEEG is similar to a "GPS" navigation system. It helps identify how brain areas “talk” to one another. Trauma lends to creating brain sites that communicate by talking over one another, or that communicate by not talking enough with one another. Trauma also affects the energy distribution within the brain. Some areas possess excess energy, while other areas operate with too little energy. The QEEG also charts the processing speed of the brain.
Processing speed is the rate at which an individual can take in a bit of new information, reach some judgment on it and then formulate a response — with reasonable accuracy. Youngsters with an early history of trauma frequently process information with immature processing speed. A QEEG charts the route to recovery. Neurofeedback is made more efficacious and cost-effective when the QEEG steers the service from the start.

Cost: $850.00

Sibling Group Assessment:  When placed with the decision to place siblings together or separately in foster and adoptive homes, agencies can benefit from Adoption & Attachment Therapy Partners professional evaluations and knowledge of adoption, attachment and trauma issues — lending to placements that are in the best interest of the children involved.

Cost: Calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the number of siblings to be assessed. Please contact Regina Kupecky at 330-813-2525 for a cost estimate of your particular case.

Infant Massage: Infant massage is a wonderful therapy for the newly adopted international or domestic infant or toddler. This service is also wonderful for these youngest children experiencing a surgery post-placement, colic, or difficulty eating. Infant massage facilitates the parent-child attachment. It stimulates the child’s sensory system. It improves sleep, digestion, immune system, etc. Infants and toddlers grow in self-esteem, and parents, sons and daughters get to know each other! The list of benefits goes on! Please contact Virginia Lester for more information about this serviceat 330-813-2525.

Cost: $125.00 per 45-minute session

Sharing Birth Parent Information: Adoptive parents are often privy to sensitive birth family information. It is difficult to share these details with adopted children. We can help present this information truthfully and sensitively. Depending on the nature of this information, we will conduct bi-weekly 45-minute or 90-minute appointments.

Cost: $125.00 (45-minute appointments) or $250.00 (90-minute appointments)

Parent, Children and Teen Groups: We offer a variety of support group options for each member of the adoptive family.

Regina Kupecky conducts our adoptive parent support group. Information about the dates, time, location and costs may be obtained by contacting Regina Kupeckyat 330-813-2525. Parenting goes more smoothly when moms and dads have the support of other parents who “get it”!

Our adoptees ages 8-12 and 13-up are offered several group options annually: Among the favorite group options are: “I am a quality kid”: Facilitating Self-Esteem in Traumatized Adoptees (4- sessions), The Feelings Express: A Group about Identifying and Articulating Emotions (4-sessions), Learning to Make Friends and Play Nicely: Helping Traumatized Adoptees Develop Social Skills (8-sessions), Learning From Frogs: Let’s Be Mindful Every Day (6-sessions.) Anne-Marie Fleckenstein, LPC Fleckenstein and Arleta M. James, LPCC co-facilitate these psycho-educational and fun ways for kids to heal from their past trauma. If you would like information about the dates, times, costs, etc., please visit our Facebook page - or contact Anne-Marie Fleckenstein, LPC or Arleta at 330-813-2525.

Brothers and Sisters in Adoption have the opportunity to participate in “Help! My Family Adopted”: Seeing to It that Brothers and Sisters Flourish and Thrive Post-Adoption (5-sessions.) Frequently, when the new arrival presents behavioral challenges, the typical brothers and sisters struggle to cope. The family has been altered! In this group these youngsters learn that they aren’t alone! Boys and girls learn how to adjust their expectations of their adopted sibling, how to better communicate with parents, how to cope with unwelcome behaviors and how to accept their now different family. This psycho-educational group is co-facilitated by Anne-Marie Fleckenstein, LPC Fleckenstein and Arleta M. James, LPCC. Contact Anne-Marie Fleckenstein, LPC or Arleta for information at 330-813-2525.



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